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Leilani Raglin, MBA, CPC

Executive Director | Founder

Leilani is a social entrepreneur with a robust background in business, leadership, organizational development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). A seasoned professional speaker, facilitator, writer, leadership coach, and people strategist, Leilani works diligently to facilitate understanding and healing across racial lines. She specializes in growing radically authentic, empowered, and equity-minded organizations, leaders, parents, and families, while creating intentional, positive change in the community.


Leilani has a robust business and leadership background, having designed and deployed several enterprise-wide leadership development programs for a Fortune 50 company, with a focus on authenticity, DEI, and mindful leadership. She has years of experience as an emotional intelligence instructor and coach, partnering with Dr. Bill Weis of Seattle University to facilitate the MBA course domestically and abroad. Leilani is an expert on the mixed race experience, supporting parents and communities in understanding how to engage mixed race children thoughtfully in order to promote healing and self-acceptance.


Leilani has worked with a number of corporations, non-profits, schools, and organizations to advance various social and racial justice causes. A brilliant strategist, innovative visionary, and daring activist, Leilani regularly challenges systems of authority and oppression for more equitable outcomes. She describes herself as someone who aims to bring light to even the darkest of spaces.


Kristine Guevara, MA, MHP, LMHCA

Mental Health Counselor

EmpowerWOC Project Senior Retreat Facilitator

Kristine is currently working as an in-home family therapist for families in crisis. A majority of clients she works with are blended families of color who struggle in lower socioeconomic statuses. Kristine specializes in trauma and grief and loss, with a strong concentration around multiculturalism, social justice and identity. In the past, Kristine worked with homeless adults in an inpatient rehabilitation center, as well as individuals struggling with poverty and mental health in an outpatient setting. She values making a difference in the lives of underserved and unseen populations, many of which have fallen through cracks of our broken societal systems.

Kristine believes in a strength based, person centered approach when working with clients. She has a strong desire and instinct to bring cultural competence and transparency into all interactions with others, both professionally and personally. Kristine comes from a mindfulness-based, existential theoretical framework, which focuses on helping others to manifest balance in their lives to allow more fulfillment to surface. Kristine understands that each individual experiences very different and subjective versions of their life and struggles, and she strives to bring compassion and understanding to all different experiences in a way which allows individuals to find what they need to create their own version of balance and fulfillment.


Meesa Pedrozo, BA, MSA, LAc., EAMP

Licensed Acupuncturist | East Asian Medical Practitioner

EmpowerWOC Project Senior Retreat Facilitator

Meesa is a skilled practitioner creating sacred space to access deeper levels of healing for the entire mind/body system. Her esoteric approach to healing provides a unique perspective paralleling her Western and Eastern medical training from Bastyr University, a top nationally accredited Acupuncture program. With an extensive background in subtle, vibrational energetic modalities, coupled with innate intuitive abilities, Meesa offers a comprehensive treatment that aligns the mind, body and spirit.


Meesa’s holistic approach to healing includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Low Level Light Therapy, Reiki and a revolutionary type of generational healing system called Family Constellations. She specializes in the use of sound to aid in disbursing stagnated energy both within and without of the field. Her personal interests in quantum healing have also explored systems such as Chios, Alchemical Healing, and the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer: Ho’oponopono. 


Taking special interest in healing those who heal others, Meesa focuses on assisting healers—allopathic and natural alike, with their own self-care regime. She recognizes the disparity of health within the healthcare system, targeting those who provide care first. Meesa has graciously been gifted by her community the honor of being a healer’s healer.